Eduroam, Education Roaming (Educational Roaming Infrastructure) abbreviation of the words. Through the 802.1x security using a RADIUS-based infrastructure standards, users of eduroam member institutions and other educational institutions, aims to seamlessly network usage.

     Users of eduroam member institutions, their own institutions (home institution) they use to connect to the network user name and password pairs, another institution that is a member of eduroam (Guest Authority) can be connected to the network. While visiting the institution where the user submits a request for connection to eduroam broadcast, host institution's authentication server, the user directs their home institution's authentication server, determines whether or not authorized. All these queries, created an encrypted tunnel between the servers are accomplished inside the username and password pairs prevent the user from appearing in other than their home server. In this case the user has to do, visiting the institution that contained the eduroam wireless network, such as the expression is in turn connected to their own institution.